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Nuts in the countertop?

Posted Jan 13 2009 6:43am

Our family has made multiple changes in our homeand our lives to reduce our carbon footprint. Recently we moved into a new homeand we would like to replace our countertops. We decided we would look   for a “green” option. We researched countertop options on and found Paper Stone countertops. The countertops are beautiful and an environmentally responsible choice, they are made from recycled paper.

However, when I went on the Paper Stonewebsite to learn more, this is what I read,

“PaperStone is made from sustainable sources. It is manufactured in three versions. Original PaperStone contains 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard and PaperStone Certified is made from 100% recycled standard office paper. PaperStone made from virgin fiber is also available. All PaperStone products are made from Paneltech's proprietary, petroleum-free resinthat contains natural ingredients like cashew nut shell liquid. All PaperStone products are available in the same panel sizes, basic colors, and have identical mechanical properties.”

CASHEW NUT SHELL LIQUID…really???   I did a little research and found out that the by-product of a processed cashew results in anacardic acid. These acids are then used in resins. I couldn’t find any research that could confirm(or deny) if these acids have any nut proteins in them or if the parts per million would be high enough to cause a reaction.

But still… it was interesting to find this bit of information. As a parent of a child with food allergies I am often on the lookout for nuts in nontraditional places. This one shocked me. I would have never guessed that a varnish would be something that I need to ingredient check and research.

I continue to learn something new everyday.


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