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Nut Job!

Posted by KGuy

“Society is grossly over-reacting to the dangers posed by nut allergies... “, according to Professor Nicholas Christakis of Harvard Medical School. The Professor, who posted this “valuable” information on the British Medical Journal website, also wanted to let everyone know that if you are feeling anxiety about food allergies or taking measures to avoid nuts you are suffering from Mass Psychogenic Illness. And finally, the good professor wants you to know that if you have had your child tested for nuts you may have only found a mild and meaningless allergy to nuts.


Wow, I feel better now. Finally I can diagnose my “avoidance” efforts as an illness. And I just thought I was being proactive.

And all those times I sat with my son in the hospital while he was having an allergic reaction just praying, “Please let him be okay, why can’t it be me instead of him,” my prayers were answered! Hallelujah! It is just me!


Because it makes so much more sense to diagnose someone or an entire group of people with a psychological illness rather then recognize the necessary steps it takes to diagnose and live with a true medical condition such as food allergies.


I really hope they stop giving this guy media time.

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And it's not just food allergies.  I suffered ananphylaxis from an allergy to sulfa drugs.  I can't imagine sending my kid to school everyday knowing he or she could die.  This guy just isn't right.  My son has food allergies but they are not life threatening. I'm trying a new therapy for my severe allergies today.  It's called BAX 3000 therapy by BioVeda Technologies.  If it works for me, I may let my son try it.  I figure I will be the guinea pig first.  Anyway, it's FDA approved for stress reduction and is supposed to reprogram the body's response to stress triggers like allergens.  If you want to read about it, the website is  I'll update and let you know if the therapy works for me.


That is one strange attitude to have towards a life-threatening allergy.
I also have the same hope as you, that the "professor" does not receive any further media attention. 
That professor sounds like an idiot.  He has no idea the extremes people (especially parents) that live with food allergies go through.  It's not a mental illness.  it's not only a matter of health; it's a matter of life or death.  
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