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Nut-Free, Egg-Free Pancakes

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:14pm
I have to tell you, I am pleasantly surprised, at my findings, while trying to discover the perfect pancake recipe, my kids will enjoy.

When Rooney was diagnosed with Peanut, and Tree nut allergies, I started cooking more things from scratch, as opposed to the easy, usually fool proof, box method.

One things my kids loved, was pancakes. I had my recipe down pat, the kids loved the pancakes. Ironically though, my nut allergy boy, never ate more than one.

Then, a few months ago, when we started having GI issues with him, and once throwing up, immediately after eating pancakes, we were back for more allergy testing. Sure enough, eggs were the culprit.

My daughter would eat pancakes three meals a day, if I would let her, she kept begging for pancakes. So I tried various ways of making them without eggs. All of them failed, where the kids were concerned anyway. They were all okay, but just tasted different to them.

I wanted to give one last shot, and found this recipe. I did use regular milk, instead of soy, we do not have milk issues in our house. I have to say, they came out perfect. The kids LOVED them. Rooney even asked for a second one. I even got a, "Mommy you make the best pancakes" again.

The funny thing about this is, the recipe is exactly how I used to make pancakes, minus one egg. In other words, my pancakes never needed an egg, to begin with.

That certainly gives me something to think about.
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