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Newport Beach Chiropractor: Allergies Mean Poor Immune System

Posted Aug 02 2010 11:08am
Allergies are ‘abnormal’ responses of your immune system to substances that are typically harmless. Now why would your brain and nervous system send wrong information regarding these harmless substances to your immune system and most likely the rest of your body?  The answer is mis-communication and interference with your nervous system.

Think of the immune system as a well-trained and disciplined bio-weapon that protects the body from harmful substances, with the help of a two-way communication from the brain/nervous system, it identifies and destroys foreign and trouble invaders.  If your brain and nervous system are having a hiccup communicating which substances are harmful and which are not, you end up sneezing, coughing, and getting teary eyed every time a harmless substance enters your body.

There are many reasons why your immune system would not be functioning at its best. The main one is having a nervous system that is not functioning correcting. Your spine holds and protects your nervous system; thus make sure your spine is aligned and your immune system is communicating well with the rest of your body! At Wellness Choice Center, our Newport Beach office, we can determine if there is a lack of communication between your nervous system and immune system; and this is one of many ways we help patients with allergies on daily basis. Call us at 949.387.1333 if you have any questions.

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