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New Blog: The Healing Journal

Posted Oct 16 2009 10:03pm

When I started Affairs of Living a year and a half ago, I didn't really know what would happen. After reading the blogs of so many other people, I thought to myself, "Hmn, I could do that..." So, I did. I started writing about the food I was eating, writing about the healthcare I found useful, and writing about my general thoughts and suggestions. As time has gone on, and Affairs of Living has really taken off as a recipe and healthy living blog, I want to allow it to grow in that genre. I’ve found that I don’t want to include as much of my personal experiences and struggles with my healing process on the blog as I find I want to write about it. Sure, I write about it here and there, and feel comfortable with that - but there are times I just want to write about it a whole lot more. Affairs of Living doesn't feel like the right place for it, so, I’ve decided to start up a new blog, called The Healing Journal  . It will be a place for me to write about all the non-food related stuff involved in my physical, emotional, and spiritual healing journey. And truly, it seems appropriate to have a special place set aside for these thoughts; healing is a sacred process, and deserves a space of its own.

I'll still include personal stories on Affairs of Living; food is inextricably bound to life, and feeding oneself is one of the many affairs of living (see the inspiration for the title of the blog?). I love to tell stories about food, more than I ever imagined I would. And I will always include information about natural health, since food is the best medicine there is!  But when it gets down to the nitty-gritty emotional aspect of my personal experiences - all the struggles and doubts, the victories and lessons - I want a special place for it. So, I made one.  The internet provides such immediate gratification and weird sense of power, doesn't it?

We all have healing to do, for many different reasons, and the process can be both a blessing and a curse. I can attest to that - this experience has forced me to leave behind many things and open the doors to many new ones. I’ve learned so much about myself, and found strength and courage I didn’t know I had. I learned to listen to my body and follow my intuition. I got back into the kitchen, and found creativity in playing within the strict boundaries of my dietary restrictions and become (even more) passionate about good, real food. The process has encouraged me to pursue a career in Oriental medicine, with the hope of teaching others how to find the health and happiness they deserve. And most of all, I have my spark back, my spirit, my smile and laughter and creativity. I feel driven and satisfied and passionate, for the first time in years. But while so much has gotten better, so many things are still unresolved. And there are times I just need to get all that out of my head and heart, and on to the page.

I wish you luck on your own healing journey, and welcome you to learn more about mine. If you find something in what I write that you find helpful, I am honored and humbled. So come on over to The Healing Journal   from time to time; it's on rivaling platform Wordpress, which I'm finding to be a much more enjoyable host.  I'll throw a little link to the new blog on my navigation bar, to make it easy to pop on over.  Having my eyes opened to Wordpress makes me want to relocate this whole blog over there, seriously!  Blogger is wildly clumsy by comparison.  Anyway, I don't really have time to deal with a move right now, I've got a cookbook to write.  

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