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NBA gluttonous Feast was staged for 17 years to appear in the Christmas war of rockets for the first time

Posted Dec 27 2012 2:29am
NBA gluttonous Feast was staged for 17 years to appear in the Christmas war of rockets for the first time, they also played a classic battle in this bondage, 120-97 beat the bulls, which harden got 26 points 5 rebounds 6 assists, and he handsnike air max wright sale   the game cover scene 02 were also reminiscent of Jordan's feat.This bondage just a up, harden will small try chopper, in received Lin Shuhao (micro-Bo) of miaochuan Hou, he high leaping completed storm buckle, opened has "show time" of chapter, harden of nicknamed is heimanu, and once Dang he rushed up, opponent wants to limit is difficulty coefficient great, in a impact basket Shi, beilineili had lost Shang foul, harden on free throws line stability stability two penalty hit.

Creed how demonstration of NBA needs players too much, says which are civilian teams seems to have reveals a disdain.But at least in Beijing on December 26 thisnike air max 95 cheap exciting time in the Christmas war of, 5 game called the most common rocket, which had been 120-97 away performance to beat the bulls out of the overall brightness of the most visible, Harlem to head the team 4 have scored 20, stars gathered in the integrity of the Lakers failed to do so, rocket fast smooth hit is handy.Very coincidentally, rocket also was wearing a red shirt on the bull away, can only change into a gray shirt.Gray, this tone was once again pointed out that: Christmas wars that live across the United States, on the stage of global concern, the rockets must accept he is a relative of the most bleak lack of color team.However the populace of teams tend to avoid that "you must make stars beautiful" trouble from Fontana first section has just more than half end, harden SectionTo half debut, today's rockets use leads the Harlem portfolio was clear, and reveals a fair and reasonable.Rockets win this battle is 4 in a row, 4 in a row and Lin Shuhao (microblogging) power boost, Harlem reflect the combination of processes, to ask why is it so exciting?You can experience this first half of Harlem rockets for use.

Oumieraxike, 26 years old, Turkey people years Pro for 2 years.2.13 meters height, superior defensive awareness, so he became a natural Defender, protecting inner while locking a rebound.Whether dealing with high pick and roll back the singles, efficiencies are all in the center top of the League.When he is on the pitch last season, bulls per 100 round losing reduced by 7.6 points.Although the offensive skills to be developed, but this long scarce Union, still worth investing in high quality inner ... ...
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