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Mystery Reaction

Posted May 20 2009 11:51am
Chances are if you have a child with severe allergies, you have had the "mystery reaction." Our home is no different.

Yesterday morning when I walked into Tyler's room, it appeared that he had a black eye. When I turned the lights on, his entire left eye was swollen. The eyelid was so swollen it was half shut. The white of his eye was very blood shot. The area below the eye was purple. I was alarmed but thought it was a bad case of pink eye. (Man, I can be clueless sometimes!)

I rushed him the to the doctor and it was actually an allergic reaction. To what? I have no idea! His meal the night before (meatloaf and baked potatoes) was made entirely from scratch by me.

After dinner, he played outside with his brother and dad. My guess is that one of the plants in our backyard (or possibly even the grass) caused the reaction. What is a little perplexing is the fact that he had a bath before bed.

This is the most dramatic "mystery reaction" we have had to date. I'm not going to forbid him to play outside. That would be cruel. But, I will play close attention to what he comes into contact with.

What is your most recent "mystery reaction?"
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