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my husband is driving me mad with his constant sniffing noise through his nose and clearing snorting noise with his throat

Posted by jools

hello there my husband is aged 57.and is driving me mad.with his constant snuffling sniffing and clearing his sounds horrible.what could be the course please help? thankyou
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Sorry, can't help but can sympathise.  My hubby has been snorting and sniffing for at least 12 years.  He's had all the allergy tests, the inhaler from the doctor, but invariably it always happens on 2 occasions.  When he's reading a book and when he is watching rugby on the TV.  It is the awful snort and hawk noise that I hate and intrudes when I'm trying to sleep and he's reading a book in bed!  I've tried scolding, encouraging, sympathising, sighing, etc but nothing seems to work.  I've put up with it for years and all I can say to myself that when he goes into the far far away land, I'll say to myself, "Ill give anything to hear that sniff and snort again"!!
Have you guys ever looked into have their sinus cavities checked? It could be from some allery or sinus infection. Which if it is the case, can easily be cleared up, or at least treated so it's not so intrusive. 
hi my husband is still sniffing he does it on one side of his nose says it feels block but has no muscas coming out of it.hed had a sinus infection and polps removed tried nasal sprays antihistamine etc.makes no difference.what could be the cause its driving me mad with his constant sniffing and snorting.
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