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My eyes are burning, watery and sensitive to air after removing my contact lens, is something wrong?

Posted by richeanne

I bought a new pair of GEO contact lenses yesterday and wore it immediately. Since it's only my second time wearing contact lens I still find it hard to wear and remove the lenses, by the way I only bought it from a person and didn't have my eye checked by a professional. Every time I remove the lens, my vision becomes blurry but it goes away after some time, I thought it was normal since I'm  not really used to wearing lenses, yet. But awhile ago, after removing my lens, I felt quite a burning sensation in my eyes, and they are watery too, they also became  kind of sensitive to air, since  they easily become teary when some strong wind passes by. I'm using Cyclean Solution, (that's what the seller recommended), and by the way i have a flu today, but my eyes aren't really watery and burning every time I'm a little sick.Can someone tell me what might be going on? thanks much.
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