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my daughter has a mass in her sinus has been refered to a head and neck surgeon what's next

Posted by knotewe

she has lost her sense of smell and ent said to go to the surgeon after a ct scan and could not get scope thur her nasal cavity anybody with any suggestions

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The symptoms that you describe sound like a benign condition called nasal polyps. While the vast majority of these polyps are benign, rarely more dangerous conditions can cause similar-appearing growths. In your note you made reference to both an ent doctor and a head and neck surgeon. These are usually one and the same person although it's possible that an ent doctor has chosen to stop performing surgery in his own practice and instead refers these patients to a colleague.  Only a physician can properly diagnose these growths in the nose by examining them and possibly performing tests such as a cat scan and biopsy. So it is important to take your child to the ent doctor (or his colleague if suggested) for further examination. 
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