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Morey Yao Mai has been stressed that the rockets to introduce superstar for redevelopment

Posted Feb 05 2013 2:39am
Morey, Yao Mai has been stressed that the rockets to introduce superstar for redevelopment.In this context, by Flash trading, introducing Marcia gay harden, locate the building cornerstone.Together with Lin Shuhao (microblogging), umayr-Arsic as well as players such as qiandelepasensi, prototype of the rocket has completed rebuilding.They want to improve strength, only need to upgrade the position.At the press conference on introduction of Marciamen's nike roshe run   gay harden, Morey, a position also to introduce a star.Marcia gay harden himself when, in an interview said, if one superstar Houston Rockets to win.He revealed that he privately contacting other players, and persuade them to join the rockets, and their working together.We can see that rocket pursuit of any one star is not unexpected.

I think we still have time (hit the playoffs), but not too much.I think early in the season, when no one would have thought that we will win-less than 50%.And certainly didn't expect that we would play so that accomplishments."Kupuqieke said.The Lakers to go to 22-26 record, their closest to the rocket 3.5 victory ranked eighth in the West, does have the opportunity to impactwomens nike zoom elite 5 the playoffs.Compared to the Lakers ' Vice President, Jim-Bass, kupuqieke seem a bit disappointing.Little before the bath in an interview said, the Lakers ' poor record, but still have the ability to enter the playoffs.He thinks the team's situation, and made a 7 consecutive victories that can run into the top eight in the West.But some time later, the Lakers ' situation remained more or less the same.

Now, Bryant appears to be along the footsteps of homage to the way forward, the first half of the season he was also crazy cut, highest individual scores standings the first long time, but recently, he suddenly began restructuring seems to be moving towards a "King of assists" direction."Clearly, this shows that I am a man of many talents," Bryant his "switch modes" said, "if I put my energies in this area, I will definitely be able to do it.I think this kind of ability, could be energy self-early playing career.I was able to do a lot of things on the pitch."Bryant the" mode switch ", not only demonstrated his many talents on the pitch, also brings to the Lakers ' record on big upgrade.Because of this, Bryant will be pass happy."It feels great," against Wolves after the game, Bryant said, "you play is doing all it can, do everything you can to help the team win.
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