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Molly Harrad - Allergic To 21 Century

Posted by aidrenegade


I read about this UK 10 year old girls major allergy problem in a UK newspaper & blogged about it on wellsphere yesterday. I don't know if anyones read it yet. Her parents are now looking internatonally for help as UK doctors don't know what else to do. I do not know the family, just trying to spread the word incase someone can help. She was also featured on the ITV morning tv program today.

The Wellsphere blogs link:

 Holly Harrad


http://www.wellsphere.c om/allergies-articl e/molly-harrad-allergic -to-21-century/703781


Please copy & paste it to your browser or click on my profile to view  as the wellsphere program corrupts the link for some reason & I don't know why.

If you are an allergy speciallist or know one, please read the blog!


David Elton, UK.


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Hi David,

I read your blogpost - seems very unfortunate and unusual case. I am an allergy therapist and nutritionist - I see patients in Kings Road, Chelsea - and I would be happy to see Holly and her family at no cost.

It is not something that I have come across before, although I am now customised to getting results where the NHS or mainstream doctors cannot.

Regards, Marek

Allergy Testing in London

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