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Molly Harrad - Allergic To 21 Century

Posted Jun 09 2009 12:30am


I'm new to Wellspace but not blogging about me. After reading a story in this mornings UK national paper The Sun, about 10 year old Molly Harrad, from Herne Bay, Kent, UK I felt compelled to blog about her to raise awareness & hopefully help her parents find international help. She is basically allergic to the 21st century. I do not know Molly or her parents.

Doctors at Londons 2 top childrens hospitals, Great Ormond St & St Mary's, Paddington say they have never seen a case like it after having run out of treatment options. Her parents have now started a global hunt for treatment. This is why I'm blogging here. I'm not a doctor or specialist, I'm a wall & floor tiler. I'm just trying to help out in her global search for treatment of her allergies. There is hardly anything she is NOT allergic to. If she has a flare up of her allergies she is in agony.Molly has to wear cotton gloves 24/7 to help avoid these flare up's of her allergies.

Molly has to bathe in a special solution & has to apply 5 different creams to her skin at any one time as well as at least 5 pills to suppress her allergies to spend some time outdoors. Her clothes must be 100% cotton & she must wear special leather shoes.

Her elder sister has no allergies & there is no history of simular allergies in her parents families. Here's a link to her story in The Sun:

The Sun UK newspaper online

If this link is broken simply google 'Molly Harrad' to find the article.

Unfortunately it doesn't include the list of things shes allergic to as the actual paper does so I'm going to type them all out below. Can you imagine trying to live your life without these things? Those cotton gloves must really help.

In the home
Batteries, carpets, rugs, curtains, fabric sofas, cushions, house dust, door handles, knitting needles, telephones, hooks, screws, wrist watches, purse & handbag clasps, cigarette lighters, keyrings,  pen knives, pins, glasses, vacuum cleaners, dustpans & brushes, glues, camera film, humidifiers, wire, prams, pushchairs, sewing machines, cubbard handles, air conditioning units, window / bath sealant, magnets, press studs.

In the kitchen
Liquid soap, plastic utensils, fabric conditioner, washing powder, washing up liquid, toasters, sandwich makers, drinks bottles, cleaning sprays, antibacterial wipes, anti - corrosive solutions.

Bread, pasta, oats, corn, milk, egg, maize, tomatoes, soya, peanuts, most food colourings, most food additives, most food preservatives, nuts, chocolate, cakes, custard powder & custard, cheese, yogurt.

In the bathroom
Hair clips, electric razors, safety razors, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, bandages, sponges, foundation, mascara, eye shadow, blusher, lipstick, make-up applicators, eyelash curlers, perfume, body spray, deodorant, anti-perspirant, hair spray, hair gel, bubble bath, moisturising lotion, cleansing lotion, eye / ear drops.

Man-made textiles including Nylon, Lycra, propylene swimming costumes, zips, most shoes (including leather) non-cotton gloves, bras, tights.

In the garage
Tyres, antifreeze, cements, paints, engine grease, petrol, engine oil.

In the garden shed
Fungicides, tick & flea powders, bicycle handles.

In the office
Pens, pencils, staples, scissors, computer keyboards, paperclips, hole punchers, photocopiers, typewriter parts.

20p coins, £2 coins, all Euro coins, German silver & white gold, loose change that may have rubbed against the above.

At school
Desks, non-wood tables, sports equipment including bat handles & bouncy balls.

Grass pollen & cut grass, silage, bales of hay, crop dust, pesticides, space hoppers, bouncy castles, paddling pools, cooling towers.

Nickel, non-stainless steel, aluminium.

Rubber products
Hot watter bottles, balloons, toys, rubber bands.

 If you can help or know someone who may be able to help please contact: (Also listed on the Suns webpage in article linked to above)

I think this 10 year old girl must be one hell of a fighter to keep smiling with all this in her young life to deal with. Please help her if you can.


David Elton, Reading Uk (Aid Renegade)

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