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Mobile power pack increase conversion rates, optimize design ideas

Posted Jan 16 2013 6:21am
With the rise of electronic products demand status in people's daily life, and how mobile power pack products provide users with a safe, functional, and affordable prices, all power supply designers are unavoidable challenge. Designers to find a correct methodology to this end, to find a most appropriate from many chip solution is particularly important.

Continuously improve the complexity of the design, and often require 10 or more power on a PCB. Help narrow the program volume, improve system efficiency and lower system cost, and configuration and power system design multiple load method is attracting the attention of the power supply design engineers. NS how to design the analysis and presentation of multiple load system power, believe to be our ideas to provide inspiration and help find solutions.

Energy saving trend in the industry is increasing rapidly on the standby portable mobile power pack consumption of the power adapter and the conversion efficiency requirements. In 2009, to meet the advent of EPA2.0 strictly regulate the new quasi-resonant flyback controller. Infineon applies to quasi-resonant flyback controller green power adapter solution, naturally became the forerunner.

Through internal and external power adapter, the electric energy is converted into thermal energy and consumed. Can save a lot of energy, energy-efficient, low standby power of the commercial value of the power adapter on the show, so that the DC-DC converter's efficiency and power loss became many electronic systems is an important characteristic parameters. Fairchild adapter power supply design of Vishay measuring high frequency switching DC-DC converter, the new method of thermal stress device power dissipation, and Maxim LED lighting generation product design to answer the problem of how to achieve remote control.

Lithium-ion batteries are widely used in portable electronic devices for its weight and high specific energy capacity. However, lithium-ion battery overcharge and excessive temperature is very sensitive, and this may lead to heat dissipation and battery explosion. How to design a battery charging system with higher security has become one of the key factors of the rechargeable battery-powered equipment design. So, TI will tell us how to design more secure battery charging system? Fujitsu laptop lithium battery charge control of the DC / DC converter technology to show us the advantage.

Substantial breakthroughs iPad battery technology has not been able to achieve up to 10 hours of standby time successful security cases, it is not difficult to see, through the collaborative design of the power system in order to achieve a more reasonable mix of the power system and the whole system, this design optimization means being constantly tap the potential of the battery discharge power design techniques in the next few years the trend. Of course, this is also our editing and publishing the power supplement that purpose.
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