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Michael Kors Outlet,Michael Kors Outlet Store,Michael Kors Outlet Online

Posted Jan 07 2013 1:56am
Michael Kors handbags are classic symbols Michael Kors Outlet Online of style and taste. They have been popular for decades as the handbag of the upper classes. In recent years, they have become popular with people from all social classes all over the world. The look has become so popular that Michael Kors is now plagued by an abundance of fake handbags.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingHow to Tell the Difference Between a Real and Fake Michael Kors BagHow to Identify Authentic Michael Kors Date & Production Codes HistoryMichael Kors was a maker of trunks and luggage when he began in 1854. He began his business in Paris by making traveling trunks that were made from a treated canvas. This made them waterproof and the perfect thing to carry for trips across the water. The trunks also had a flat top, making them perfect for stacking. In 1959, the company began using its famous logo-print canvas to make handbags and other small accessories.SignificanceBecause Michael Kors handbags are considered a classic look, they are coveted all over the world. They are also extremely expensive, making them a symbol of wealth and taste. In Japan, they are an important social symbol that people see as being a necessary part of a wardrobe. In the West, they are often carried by celebrities, further making them an object of desire by those who can't afford them.TypesThe traditional coated canvas handbags with the brown and gold logo have been around since the first Michael Kors handbags. That design, a brown background with "LV" printed in gold, has been around since the 19th century and was first used on the traveling trunks. In recent years, that print has been joined by several new Michael Kors patterns. One classic design is the Damier checkerboard print in either brown and black or gray and black. Newer designs include the pink cherry blossom pattern and the red cherry pattern.Time FrameWhen Michael Kors died in 1892, the company went to his son Georges Vuitton. This began the international phase of the company, with Georges attempting to make his father's products known all over the world. In 1893 he exhibited them at the Chicago World's Fair. In 1914 Georges opened the world's biggest travel store in Paris to sell Michael Kors items. In 1959, the classic logo-print canvas was used to create small handbags. Today, wallets, as well as small, medium and large handbags, are made by Michael Kors in addition to luggage and other leather items.WarningThe high cost of the handbags is money wasted if the bag you bought turns out to be a fake. There are several large makers of fake Michael Kors handbags with the majority coming from China. The resulting fakes are lesser quality bags that may come apart after a few uses because of poor workmanship. One of the easiest ways to tell a fake is to tug on the seams and zipper to make sure that the bag seems well made. Other ways to tell include a pattern that doesn't match up at the seams and discolorations on the leather piping. If there is a seam across the bottom of the handbag, that is also a giveaway that the bag is fake Michael Kors Outlet store.
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