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men's nike lebron 10 area air defense

Posted Mar 20 2013 9:34am

Squadron tactical men's nike lebron 10  area air defense is the essential sign of modern naval If anyone dares to regional air defense systems cover adventure into the combat zone, waiting for him will surely drowned. Delivery of military aid for allies to stop the provocation, escort vessels in the areas of military conflict, if all of these tasks can be a powerful and efficient S-300 air defense missile systems under the cover, natural is more safe and enjoyable task. If you will be better equipped with S-400 missile. However, the Russian Navy is now facing acute problem of how as soon as possible with a sufficient number and effective protection of warships squadron regional air defense missions. Obviously, Russia can not afford similar battleship construction of a large number of 1144 nuclear-powered missile cruiser or Arleigh Burke class Aegis guided missile destroyer. To create this extremely complex and expensive warships, has made outstanding progress in all relevant areas of engine manufacturing, electronics, electrical engineering, precision instrument manufacturing, composite materials. As for the experience of the United Kingdom, Russia is equally difficult to accept, because as the world's best air defense missile destroyers, Type 45 up to 15 "bold" class destroyers are too expensive and complex, difficult to construction of a large number British Navy can only buy 6 Price billion pounds of new warships.


In addition, the 051C destroyers equipped with the China-made 100 mm caliber gun, an imitation of the French guns, able to strafe the target of the air, the water and the shore, its blasting lethality is not defect to some extent by every minute up to The rate of fire of 80 rounds to make up. Two 30 mm diameter 730 7 automatic anti-aircraft guns in the performance and appearance similar to the Netherlands' goalkeeper, Chinese experts in this regard once again demonstrated ingenuity successful imitation of the world's best carrier-based self-defense weapons system, one accurate and effective guns with larger reserves of ammunition, American A-10 attack aircraft equipped with seven cannon quite. In anti-submarine weaponry, 051C destroyers equipped with two 324 mm "fish -7" torpedo tubes, similar Mk.32 ASW torpedoes and 324 mm Mk.46 anti-submarine torpedoes more effective short-range anti-submarine defense weapons Although the Americans themselves have doubts about whether the warhead weighs only 45 kg Mk.46 torpedo firepower can hit the modern nuclear-powered ships.


051C destroyers, carrier-based weaponry, a small anti-submarine helicopters card -28 apron of the (Soviet Ka-27 shipborne helicopters export models), as well as aviation kerosene reserves and a number of aviation ammunition, but more importantly, The ship no helicopter library, the helicopter can not often docked in the ship. This is the 21st century warship inexcusable negligence, after all the helicopter as quite effectively combat system, can significantly enhance the warship's anti-submarine, search and rescue and special operations capabilities. However, the United States initially, while several Arleigh Burke-class destroyer helicopter is not equipped with the same library. "I was thinking,  kobe 7 for sale  did not win no problem." But wait until the lottery, Hou Kun come up with lottery immediately stunned - this is lost lottery actually color ball in the second prize bonus up to 25 million yuan. "Know yourself against something, stand sits a major event!" Hou Kun said she was particularly excited the hands sweat heart out. Clutched Xiangyemeixiang lottery, and trotted off to find the owner Pharaoh, with hurried panic and the boss said: "in such a big prize, we have to get the lottery back to the owner!" Heard the news, Pharaoh also scared a hop, and quickly bring up the surveillance video, a look at the winning lottery really missing the old Lottery.




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