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Posted Aug 28 2009 7:08pm
My son started wearing a MedicAlert bracelet when he was just three years old. I liked that fact that if he had an allergic reaction or if he were lost, all of his medical information and the phone numbers of family members would be available by calling the MedicAlert number on the back of the bracelet.

Another benefit of the medical jewelry was that often others would ask what he was wearing on his wrist. At that time, and until he turned 8, he enjoyed telling people, “I have a peanut allergy!” I thought it was a great way to educate others on food allergies and to give my son the opportunity to self-advocate for food allergies.

However, as he has grown, he no longer wants to be singled out as “The peanut allergic kid”. He is happy to raise money for FAAN or educate friends and teachers about food allergies but he said and I quote, “It’s my personal and private medical information. Some people fight me on it and say food allergies aren’t real and I don’t feel like defending it all the time.” I can respect that. He now wears a MedicAlert necklace under his shirt.

We renew our membership with MedicAlert each August after our yearly allergist appointment and before school starts. This year, as his food allergies have changed and we have a new allergist, we ordered a new necklace and updated our contact info with the company.
I am amazed at how much information can fit on the necklace. We inscribed;

“Anaphylaxis to peanuts,treenuts. Allergic to sesame,soy. Give Epipen, Call 911”

The cost for the necklace was only $24.90 and we received it within one week of ordering. I called MedicAlert membership services today and asked how much a new membership for a child costs. The representative told me that a new membership plus a bracelet is $34.90. Membership dues are only $10 for subsequent years.

Click here to go to their site or call at 1-888-633-4298.

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