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Los Angeles personal injury lawyer Personal Injury Accident: What Is Negligence?

Posted Oct 22 2010 8:22am

Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

What is negligence? Why does it matter when it comes to general personal injury claims? According to Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, you need to understand what it means since negligence will be one of the primary bases for your general personal injury settlements. Unless you can prove that there was an oversight, deliberate or accidental, on the part of the one who is thought to be at fault, you will never be able to get an approval for the settlement.

According to personal injury attorney Los Angeles, negligence is defined as any act of carelessness that resulted to an injury suffered by another person. The action can be deliberate, such as striking a heavy object into someone else’s head, to accidental like falling from a worn-out staircase.

When you’re going to file for a claim on the grounds of negligence, there are four things that you have to keep in mind says accident injury lawyer Los Angeles. First, you have to show that there was duty of care, breach of duty, damages to his actions, and then the cause for such an injury.

When it comes to duty of care, you have to prove that the one at fault should be responsible for your safety in the first place says auto accident injury lawyer Los Angeles. This is very common in the work force, where employers must see to it that their workers are safe at all times. It’s the same thing if you happen to meet an accident in someone else’s property, perhaps in a lawn hole. The owner should be responsible of the lot. If a driver caused you to suffer injuries from a vehicular accident, you will be under the care of the other car’s owner.

When it’s already established as to who should be responsible for your personal injuries, you need to determine if there was negligence at his end. There are a lot of factors that you have to consider on this one, but the strongest of them all is when the person at fault already foresees the accident. For example, if your manager already knows that the slippery floor of the hall can cause someone to trip soon but he doesn’t do anything about it, then you have a strong case.

The cause, on the other hand, should point that the real reason for the injury is the result of the defendant’s negligence. The damages attempt to recover all that the plaintiff lost because of the injury. If he becomes disabled and can no longer work, the damages could be equal to how much he could have earned for the succeeding months of years if he’s still capable of doing the job. Personal Injury attorney Los Angeles,

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