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Lopez confidence has grown on behalf of the United States to play world championships

Posted Feb 19 2013 6:14pm
Beijing time 2 month and day news, time back to the 2010 world championships, Turkey before young basket network center brook lopez had - by the us men's basketball team invited to participate in the us men's basketball team training camp. But because the body appear disease, he had to regret to miss the chance to play on behalf of the world. In the all star weekend, told the New York post interview, lopez said, if opportunity once again appear, he will accept the Cheap Lebron Soldier 6 invitation, on behalf of the United States in 2014 for the Spanish championships in 2016 and Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games. "At that time (2010) I also very coarse, although I want to play for his country, but I think that my ability is limited." Lopez said. "but there is no doubt that I'm hoping to become a member of the team. That time didn't participate, I feel very sad." But a initial experience, let lopez more full of national yearning. He hope that the future can he get that opportunity, on behalf of the United States to participate in next year's world championships held in Spain, or 2016 years of Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games. "Must be!" At the end of the all-star game shooting contest, lopez said, "there is no doubt that it will be an honour. I'm hoping to get this chance. If I really received the invitation, Cheap Lebron 6 I will consider limited." He also revealed that he is with us men's basketball team supervisor jerry crown JiLuo expressed their desire, "one day I met him, I am very clear to express my idea." In view of lopez young, and he is in the basket this season and the outstanding performance, he really is the U.S. men's national team in the world championships a good choice.Please forgive me without you appear all star TV a live again and again mention your name, please forgive me in the broadcast when a lot of want to mention your stories and junior respect for you. I'm just a be your spirit and skill lead into the door of basketball ignorance of the child, I just want to thank you for everything to me. I still remember in 1992 I watch the dream team game, your clever and atmospheric let me can not move, that year I just up the junior Derrick Rose Shoes high school, without a word watch the dream team against Croatia's Olympic final, my first reaction was picked up a basketball, like you vomit a tongue, fly the ball into the basket; On the third day, if not to imitate you dunk (micro Po), I also can't because imbalance broke his left arm; But I also do not want to, is from then on, I began to change the fate of the trajectory, a normal child thus begins his trip to chase their dreams.In 2000 I can go to see the golden state all-star, encounter ahmed - rush DE, he first words let I felt chagrined at the: "Michael has just been here and I'm better than shooting, do you want to and I over?" Early for a moment, I can see you, that this is a wonderful encounter. But I never thought, all star the race, you suddenly and Russell appears together, let me trembling, the distance I'm afraid AdiZero Rose 3.0 only two meters. Very want to photo, but I always remember you said: "if you want to get good results, you must focus on time." I put all the spirit are focus on their interpretation is not mature, hope finally can barely satisfactory.In 2003, the first time I in the studio is presided over by the all star game, the last time you in the all star, destined to become a legend. Take ten points can be more than kareem abdul-jabbar, the results you get twenty points, kareem abdul-jabbar has become the past, but if you can win the MVP, NBA (micro bo) vacuum will continue. Half-time you want to transfer the torch, is not preach to go out. So it is not a story, the story needs careful design and careful arrangement. That day is history: if no carter just starting to sell; If there is no opening seven shots 0; If there is no conventional time miss the last shot, History will be changed taste. Also, if you sway open Marion jump hit man or woman after an abrupt end game, the story may be complete, history but couldn't brilliant to continue.
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