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Look whose avoiding now...

Posted Jan 25 2009 5:04pm

The peanut butter recalls continue. I have received 14 FDA peanut related recalls since Friday. Ann Munoz-Furlong made some wonderful points on Friday in a CNN article about this outbreak in relation to finding nuts in unexpected places: 


“Anne Muñoz-Furlong, founder of Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network, said people might "walk away with a feeling of knowing what it's like to have a food allergy" because of the salmonella outbreak...This shows that it sounds very easy to avoid peanuts, but it's not so easy," Muñoz-Furlong said. "It's in so many different places you wouldn't expect it. That's what makes it so challenging."

As I watch the news and receive recall email alerts from the FDA I’ve been hoping that peanut butter connoisseurs will take a moment to think beyond how this life threatening situation is currently affecting them. 

It would be great if the non-believers (Mr. Stein or Dr. Christakis) would experience a paradigm shift and see the daily threat children and adults with food allergies experience. Food allergy related deaths claim the lives of between 150 and 200 Americans each year. 50,000 people are seen yearly in the ER for food related anaphylaxis. To date there has been 6 deaths and over 400 hospital visits due to the peanut butter salmonella outbreak. 

According to Christakisian logic this salmonella outbreak doesn’t even warrant real concern, because not enough people are dying. He wants at least as many deaths as lightening strikes cause for real concern; isn’t that what he said? ( I’ll answer my own question - yes it is.) Oh, these silly and hysterical avoiders of peanut butter. 

What’s Nicholas saying now? Nothing??? Well, maybe he should ponder that thought with a harmless pb and j and get back to me.





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