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Local Search is a Precision Instrument - PricelessBottle

Posted Feb 04 2013 5:16am

It is very important to develop a local search campaign that is specifically orchestrated for the local area market.

Too often I see local search campaigns that are nothing more than carbon copies of the advertisers pay per click campaign This type of online advertising management will render a local search initiative useless.

There are 3 major components to an effective local search campaign MATUREEMAIL.ORG. They are: Keywords Keyword Ad Copy (AKA listing) Destination PageThe CopyWhen developing a local search campaign, it is very important to write the keyword ad for the local audience.

Putting in generic catch all copy will be less effective MATUREEMAIL.ORG. Because search campaigns go live so quickly now you should consider adding local flavor to your copy by mentioning a local event or occurrence.

If you are selling car tires, you may want to mention a recent accident that occurred in the area as a result of the weather or defective tires. This will drive home the need for the product, because it actually reaches closer to home and the heart.If you are selling printing services you can mention an area advertisement that you worked on or another advertisement such as a bill board that is cool. This will automatically invite the seriously interested to go look and become more involved in the buying process and thus closer to your products and services.The KeywordsThe keywords and phrases that are used in a local search campaign should always directly reflect your products or services just as a national or global PPC campaign keyword set would. However, whenever possible you should give the keyword phrases a local spin. If you are selling tires in Florida, you would use keyword phrases such as Florida weather tires, Florida tires, and Florida rated tiers, in addition to standard keyword phrases such as all weather tires etc. You will be surprised what local searchers will type in to find local products and services. You will get good hits off of these seemingly odd locally focused keywords.The Destination PageThe destination page is critically important to help carry the lead on and closer to making a buy or taking another action that you desire. The destination page should be a continuation of the local ad copy, in both text and graphical form. It should lead the prospect down a path that you control.
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