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Let the baby for more intelligent

Posted Jan 14 2012 7:31am

Should be easy to take children of another good way is to take children out full day. Son from four months on, I began to push son's stroller, took his son to a nearby supermarket. Son a little bigger, we travel around the neighborhood park, the zoo, the museum of various places. In go out, the son in touch with many of the things on weekdays access at home, the baby what they see and hear in the senses and intuitive increased the son to the world and the surrounding environment cognition. Parents can take the child contact the natural environment, the ornamental flowers and plants, listen attentively to the nature of the various sound, to the park, tourism and so on. In these contact of the natural environment in the process of exercise children various senses sharpness, develop the child's observation, improve the perception of his ability.


The following is the son and I often go to place, son have something to do, and I also can enjoy the environment far away from the housework, for his good mood

1, bookstores and libraries


The bookstore and the library is my son and very fond of place, two places have children's corner, the child can see children's 'books and toys. My mother can make children pick out their favorite books, sit down together, to study them quietly. Children can also enjoy the toys to play there. Still can cooperate with bookstore or library for the babies of a "baby stories (Story Time)" Time. To tell the story of the librarians reading to their children in the same time, with the story, in order to show it in the form of story demo out. Children can hear parents reading books other than adults, more can see the show, follow together interaction. The happy time in imperceptible in just over the four years of full-time mother period, I together with the son read more than 2500 books, not only let me fill was not suitable for children's books of vacancies, also give me a son and fond memories of you.

2, the zoo, the sea world, wild zoo or city farm


The zoo, the sea world, wild zoo or city farm is the favorite son. San Diego zoo is an animal, and plant many varieties, is one of the best zoo in North America. We do the zoo, zoo, sea world and children's science and technology museum, the annual every week I and son can go to watch animals, science and technology, the world!!! To this day I remember the son see all kinds of animals cheerful expression of time.

3, museums, art galleries, law UK folk museum


The museum and art gallery of education enlightenment is also very good point out. In San Diego, city center has more than 10 all kinds of museum. One day a month in turn to the inhabitants open for free. After moving to Canada, small town has many park, art galleries, and often become my son and the point out. Now that made so many tax, so be about to make full use of these free resources. During a visit to these places, may be surprised to find that: museum and gallery often give the children organization free activities, for example, to teach children do manual goods, organization and interpretation art works discussed children. Have a few years of time, son often patronage of handmade class university art museum. There the son learned to make many elegant manual product.

4, railway station and wheel ferry

General child would be willing to see the train and ship. It is the best of these places can be directly teach your child a lot about the train and ship knowledge, to place. In the railway station, the child often can see the wall of the draw has posted the color line map. I often see together with the son who large map, he pointed out that we has taken place, slowly son also know to find the direction, the geographical position, mark. And many children, son also likes to look at the ferry, sometimes we will sit together on the ferry and enjoy the "water traffic tool." For the son of the rapid flow and often exciting.

5, on the construction of the big machine


This is a free, very interesting. Many babies have to pay in full at the construction site of the workers work, manipulated the large machine: bulldozers, crane, excavators and so on the machine. Parents easily in near the site and toddler baby spending the day in one hour (of course parents must pay attention to the safety of children. At that time the son ideal is to be a glorious construction workers.

6, supermarkets and shopping center


Don't ignore outing shopping, many supermarkets very early morning opened, and that person is less, not very busy. Children can wander in the goods between the SAN SAN corridor. They can touch all kinds of fruits: apple, banana, orange, watermelon, and so on, also may pick up beautiful box packaging items, observe carefully. It is in the supermarket, son of fruit to remember, fish, the name of the meat. So said supermarkets also can give a child with a learning opportunity. But mother can use this time, complete shopping the housework. So, go to the supermarket shopping became son expected time goes out to play.


Often take children out of their homes, tour can stimulate the child's senses, promote child health of body and mind, and allow the children to widen your horizon, and promote the development of intelligence. So as long as mom with a bit idea, ecd is everywhere, isn't it?

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