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Large Graded Crushers Enjoy Highly Wide Application

Posted Sep 10 2013 3:12am

In the various large mining machinery and equipment production site, a lot of low-carbon crusher machines are gradually appearing the stage. Large graded crushing machine is mainly used in crushing medium hard materials and its handling ability is very large, but it often needs to be repaired and maintained. The use of the site can be evident to see that the wear-resisting layer of the broken tooth roll surfaceare has been worn off, and it is quite serious, some broken teeth also appear the broken phenomenon. The wear-resisting layer of surfacing on the crushing roller tooth surface almost drops off, its wear is very serious.

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There are two points of analyzing the main reasons: one because the grain-size is uneven, and when larger part of the material is sent into, it will form strong impact on the broken teeth, causing wear-resisting layer off; the second is the choice of materials and unreasonable choice of the surfacing welding method. Part of the crushing roller tooth will appear crack or break phenomenon. The main reasons have two points: one is because the crushing roller tooth structure design is not reasonable, it will cause the stress non-uniform of broken tooth during the work, producing stress concentration, if the material contains other hardness material, it is prone to emerge break phenomenon; The second is during the manufacturing process of crushing roller gear, there are some defects, the exist of sand hole and the precision of the processing technology have a big influence on the of broken tooth.

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Through the above analysis, we can know that the tooth damage of double teeth roll crusher, there are two major reasons: One is when the feeding size is bigger, the material will have a greatly impact on the tooth roll and cause the destruction of wear-resisting layer; The second is the problems of unreasonable crushing roller tooth design and manufacturing process, etc. Therefore, the tooth shape and size of tooth roller should be in according with the shear action and design principle. When the crusher does the high strength continuous operation, its main force position is broken tooth. In the circulation homework, due to the large impact load, the broken tooth is easy to wear and fracture.

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