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Kitesurfing And The NFL Jerseys Olympic Games

Posted Dec 08 2012 1:03am
Should kitesurfing be an Olympic sport NFL Jerseys? In 2009 the International Olympic Committee at its Copenhagen Conference declared that the Olympics movement must strive to extend its remit and to increase its influence with young people across the world. I for one cannot think of a better way of achieving this goal than by including Kitesurfing at the 2016 Olympic Games. There is no other sailing class in the world (and few sports) that have such a high percentage of participants under 30. Added to the fact that kitesurfing is currently the hot thing in water sports and its inclusion in the Olympics would bring a huge element of 'cool' to the sailing class which is currently seen as a boring and exclusive, for old farts and Hooray Henry's only. Windsurfing in the Olympics currently struggles due to the fact that the sailing events are held in venues where light winds are the preference as dinghy's etc only really need a force 2 - 3 for optimum competition. Kitesurfing would not suffer from this drawback as modern kitesurfing equipment means that 6 knots is enough to not only ride but to ride upwind. It also offers a huge draw to the worlds media, with 100's of brightly coloured kites jostling right next to the beach not to mention some truly spectacular wipeouts and all in all you have an event that could capture the imagination of everyone from 6 to 60 years old. Richard Branson an official Kitesurfing Olympic Ambassador and keen kitesurfer is quoted as saying, Kiteboarding is a fun and spectacular sport that I think would make a tremendously exciting addition to the Olympic Games The 2016 Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro with the Olympic Sailing Regatta having chosen Copacabana beach as its primary location. I for one cannot imagine a better location to showcase kitesurfing and its status as a new Olympic Sport Cheap NFL Jerseys. So whats your take? Should Kitesurfing be allowed into the Olympics? .
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