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Karni regular news Cheap Beats By Dre conference at the White House reiterated

Posted Dec 29 2012 9:54am

The National People's Congress (NPC) and t, passed on amending the law of labor contract decision. Implement nearly five years of labor contract law for the first time to make changes, directly to the Cheap Beats By Dre strict labor dispatching labor, safeguard the lawful rights and interests of the dispatched laborer.

The reporter understands, after the enforcement of the labor contract law promulgated, appear the labor dispatching unit quantity increase, labor dispatching labor to rapid expansion of production and operation, and in some areas, appear even a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role of power, labor dispatching labor as the main form of labor. A statistic shows, in 2011 the number of the employees placed about 37 million people.

The National People's Congress (NPC) was in 2008 and 2011 two times for labor contract law enforcement inspection. In the process of inspection, found that labor dispatching labor exist problems, basically have: staffing firms too much too excessive, the management is not standard, Many a large amount for a long time the unit that use worker worker use dispatched worker, and even the labor dispatching as a main channel labor; Dispatched workers work with different payment, no sense of belonging, psychological gap bigger.

According to the cheap dr dre beats labor dispatching common problems of the labor contract law amendment draft for the first time in June of this year to the National People's Congress standing committee review, December is to review again and get through.

The National People's Congress standing committee, deputy director of the FaGongWei, pointed out that the modified, it should make the labor dispatching regression as a labor and employment supplement forms of positioning, the number of labor dispatch control in the reasonable scope.

The revised labor contract law the labor dispatching labor are very strict restrictions, the current laws and regulations "general" in temporary, auxiliary or alternative work implementation shall be modified as "only" in the "three" post, at the same time increase the implementation of provisions, an accepting unit shall strictly control the labor dispatching labor quantity, shall not exceed the total amount of labor the certain proportion.

As for the labor is how to determine the proportion, the revised labor contract law by the state council put forward regulations of labor administrative department. To this, the human resources social security labor relations department priests NieShengKui said, different areas, different types of enterprises, the employment situation will differ in thousands ways, in a wide range of research, ask for opinions beats by dre cheap on the basis of the detailed rules for the implementation of related.

For the employees placed reflect the most intense equal pay for cheap beats equal work problems, the revised labor contract law also make corresponding provisions: "labor units shall, in accordance with the principle of equal pay for equal work, the dispatched laborer and unit of the same post workers implement the same labor remuneration distribution way."

The revised labor contract law will also increase the corresponding to the illegal behavior of punishment, such as specific provision labor dispatch unit, the unit that use worker worker in violation of the provisions of the labor contract law, impose a fine on it, and improve the fine line.

Guangzhou federation of trade unions ChenWeiGuang chairman said: "needs to be aware of some enterprise policy, XiaYouDuiCe, relevant departments should also be on business outsourcing and so on the new labor dispatching mode of countermeasures, and strive to fundamentally solve the labor dispatching problem."

, said, for possible enterprise long-term contract is decomposed into several short-term contracts to circumvent the law behavior, through the establishment of specific system and strengthen routine supervision and inspection, do the timely discovery, shall investigate and deal with, through the efforts, and earnestly safeguard the lawful rights and interests of the dispatched laborer.

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