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karen millen space for the United States and the movement of the United States is the basis of structural design

Posted Dec 05 2012 6:11am
People with karen millen coats clothing is a multi-dimensional space entities exist, good spatial awareness training is essential. The clothing space should be said that the United States and the movement of the United States is the basis of the structural design. Planar and three-dimensional modeling of the clothing are all "space modeling, but their constituent elements, a combination of the principle is different, not the same people observe their composition and feel the emotion. Planar form clipping rely mainly on the outline of the garment. A contour determined to show a positive plane position, in a perspective form no fixed contour. For example, a circular plane, its Karen Millen Solid Color Dresses three-dimensional shape, but the ball, but the cylinder, can also be semi-circular, may also be gyro shaped, obviously, the creation of three-dimensional shape not only rely on the profile (i.e., projection), but to rely entity " amount. " Plane shape, no matter from which point of observation can only see the plane, which form With the perspective of some changes, there is no fundamental change in dimensional shape is not the case, according to the observer's position changes, can render a distinct morphology for this three-dimensional structural designers need regular training. In the garment structure design teaching, not only to make students analysis design performance costumes structure consisting of the number of the, morphological detail anastomosis relations and structural mapping decomposition, but also into the basic elements of the three-dimensional configuration, directly with fabric composite effect chart performance apparel structure in the human body or human body model cut, the the planar fabric through the form of a provincial Karen Millen One Shoulder Dress highway, shirring, segmentation, practice handling clothing folds, draping, bump, curve, the shape of a wave and complex lines. Also available some perspective bracket molding station or support frame made of metal, wood or other materials, its body can be biased abstraction, can also be biased figurative, with some substances can be used as a clothing material such as cloth or similar garment material substance, such as plastic, paper, Karen Millen Multicolor Dresses etc., in the holder to make all kinds of beaded, wrapped-knotted, connection type, and other forms of local modeling three-dimensional shaping the training, and then expand planar compare and experience. 
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