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just need answers to heal my mind here :o)

Posted May 13 2010 6:05am


Hi there,


Well 3yeas ago I started having what I thought was bad allergies.  My throat in the back of my nose would tighen up.  It only happen around allergie season.  I haven't found any Meds to help with it though so was a little confused.

December 09' I had a bad head cold and the same symptoms came back and been dealing with them until I went back to my ENT and he happen to tell me that I should get a scan to see if the blockage got bigger from two years ago.

 Well it was still there so I'm thinking thats why I've been having problems.  I went to a new doctor and he says that my right side is blocked and there was an infection in there that all the antib. that I was on wasn't working so he did surgery on 4/16/10.  He fixed the deviated septem and opened things up.  So as of 5/13/10 I'm still swollen in the back of my neck and still have drainage in the back which is normal.


My question is:  could this be whats causeing all my discomfort in my throat and in the back of my nose area.  Just wish it could just relax or could take something to help ease the discomfort so I could live again. 


Thanks for any answers you can give me, I feel like I'm so alone with this.



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