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Japan will be on 16th, the beats by dre cheap house of representatives election

Posted Dec 15 2012 7:35am

Japan will be on 16th, the beats by dre cheap  house of representatives election. Japan's media "asahi shimbun", "the yomiuri shimbun" and "Japanese economic news" 14 the latest polls consistently shown that the conservative liberal Democratic Party will be able to achieve victory in the election.

Shinzo Abe at blizzard soliciting votes expert: liberal Democratic Party win election to thank  YeTian

The parties predicted that in Japan 480 seats in the house cheap dre beats of representatives, the LDP will win the most seats. Not only that, the liberal Democratic Party and its coalition partners and could win the new partner, the new komeito, about two-thirds of the majority, to break the Japanese political deadlock. The current prime minister wild tian jia "democratic leader, it is estimated that only won less than 70 seats. Mr Ishihara and Osaka mayor task of bridge to reform in Japan, could win the fifty seats.

The Meiji Japan institute of sichuan university and long professor analysis: "the LDP became a big winner, you must thank the YeTian. He early elections, make just the rise of new party unprepared for the LDP sweeping his opponent in YeTian. In addition, under the leadership of the Democratic Party is the internal strife, away from the party groups in multiple selection embedded" assassin "and fight against each other. This also let the LDP takings."

Because of health problems to step down the LDP's swift, shinzo Abe, this time on, every day at the storm visit size of urban and rural worship ticket. Mr Abe to hoarse voice to voters commitment, the LDP back the three years, has made a thorough introspection. If this can recapture regime, must let the Japanese look brand-new.

But the voters no longer enthusiasm, mostly just the quiet listen, see Liberal Democrat focused in charge when the Democrats. Listen and nod, now does not see more. A Japanese women Abe after hearing a wry smile way: "the last time we really believe that the Democrats, I believe it will put the national welfare as the first option promise. But three years later, improve the consumption tax has become its key policy. It makes us feel disappointed.

Mr Abe last ruling period had published a book entitled "the beautiful country" the book, he was elected the is expected to do "withdrawal of prime minister", during the campaign has been complacent, political issue in the literature and art in the spring and autumn annals articles on toward the new country ".

To this, a Japanese journalists said: "" beautiful country" or "new" country or the next prime minister if there is no effective implement of economic policy, Japan is no tomorrow. 6 years in the seven prime minister, the Japanese politics this strange phase has become the laughingstock of the outside world. Politicians feel ashamed, but we will feel embarrassed national. Japanese politicians should awaken, after three years of the campaign, voters hand sacred vote significance, will certainly to be the spur more than praise. "

Japan reform will be cheap dr dre beats refers to a climate that conservative to preach

Japan's political observers recent new begin to pay close attention to the rise of new powers Japan reform will, but later found it no climate. The last moment poll, it probably can get about fifty seats, or after the Democrats, become the third largest political party in the house of representatives.

Japan will reform by the former mayor of Tokyo and Osaka thing Mr Ishihara task of bridge to the ", with "partner also is not easy to be voters accept. Like to party characteristics compared to the food of the Japanese political critics, Japan will reform will compare to a cup of fruit juice, "if only under the lead of young candidate, voters may still take it as a glass of fresh orange juice. And the leadership of the party" ishihara old man TaiYangDang 'after the merger, just like with bitter edible orange roots, became a cup of fruit juice tastes strange, this call voters can drink mouth."

Although Japan reform will not be able to with the mainstream parties contest, but the campaign period, primary conservative political views to preach. He strongly advocated breaking peace constitution, to increase the militia forces. This view and the LDP's political party platform anastomosis. Have analyzed that, choose primary in congress after the condensed conservative, complete the end of his years in the political desire.

Japan's future party is regarded as a liberal new power or "beauty and the beast" combination

The Japanese politics and a force is a concern, namely Japan shiga county magistrate of jia tian kiko by a Japanese future party. The party in the election a moment ago Thursday to form complete, is regarded as a potential as cheap beats Japan liberal of a new power.

The party female renders by jia tian kiko has always been attaching great importance to environmental protection, the campaign's main policy on "abolish nuclear power". Her speech can deeply attract nuclear disaster structures of fukushima voters and anti-nuclear personage, but after all, this group of people in Japan is not most, cannot fill "Japan in the future" in a box.

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