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It's Hard To Stay Away From Allergen

Posted Dec 14 2008 6:14pm

I have had allergies for more than ten years now. At first I can't be near dusty things without sneezing. But later on I can't also eat my faborite foods: eggs and chicken. Well, avoiding dusty environment is quite easy, but avoiding eggs and chicken?

Many cakes and bakeries contain eggs, and in my country (Indonesia), most people eat chicken. Since my mom shares the same allergies, our family menu usually made of meat or pork. The problem arise when we are invited in a party. So, my mom and I have build our own allergy-free strategy. We choose to eat at home before going to the party, and during the party we only eat rice and vegetables or anything without eggs and chicken (if available). That way we won't get starving, and we still give respect to the host.

I think, allergy is not just getting sick after being exposed to some allergen, it is a live commitment to change our lifestyle. And I'm not talking about myself, but also my dad, who actually don't have any allergy but must have the same diet as my mom and I do.

Having allergy also force us to keep ourselves in healthy condition. Taking routine exercise is one of the ways to keep us fit and healthy. For more information about allergy:


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