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Is moderate to severe constipation a common or rare side effect for 2 yr olds while taking Xyzal?

Posted by garzacrew

My 2 1/2 yr old son started taking Xyzal about 2 wks ago for his skin allergies. I started giving him Miralax OTC per his Ped. Dr. because he became very constipated. I'm also trying to potty-train him and thought he might have been just holding it in. I also thought he might have a UTI b/c  he would grab his private area & complain that it hurt to tee-tee.  He was cathaterized last Wednesday & had an x-ray of the bowels.  I'm just wondering if this is a side effect usually seen in toddlers? He's never had constipation like this before starting the Med. I'm concerned about continuing with the medicine.
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