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International milan [micro bo]

Posted Jan 17 2013 3:24am
home overtime 3 to 2 out of bologna, Italy to cup semi-finals. After the game, inter milan coach, vladimir radmanovic, Johnny said the team's victory, Kobe VII and release the Italian cup title ambitious. "Rodrigo palacio, after scoring many people once after the game with 2-0 over,but bologna launched incredible kickbacks, and in a short time, the game tied India mandy and add byd, are very good play, from this point we want to salute the mourinho," stern's vladimir radmanovic Johnny when it comes to the game, "but, obviously we more deserved to win, and we have not the wrong discretion, but to find the tempo of the game, Kobe 7 Cheetah and in the final hour won the game, we deserve." Then, the international milan coach talked about the overtime of the specific changes: "when bologna team potential gas is very popular, and in the branch has been put back behind the, our side there have been some problems, so I made the adjustment to the team formation into the 4-4-2, so a very good solution to solve the problem of the defense, and now I only remember this game in the best time. In the Italian cup semi-final later, international milan semi-final opponents will be between roma and fiorentina, Kobe 7 USA the winner of this stern's vladimir radmanovic Johnny said: "whether Roman or fiorentina, is very difficult to break into the last four opponents no one is treatable, our goal is to win the final victory, came to the last. Now we need to consider is that the weekend against roma game, in the first leg we lost to them, they're definitely a very tough player, Kobe 7 USA we must immediately ready to get up." The game, and old bei naxi once again won the first opportunity, stern's vladimir radmanovic jonny after the game also talked about a teenager: "he did a very good job in the first half, he and cambiasso, melon forest has very good performance, but this problem is that the middle side, without any problems, the side in the branch and add, byd, under the impact of often appear very passive, so I conscious adjusted."Finally, stern's vladimir radmanovic jonny talked about pereira, Uruguayan the game play, but with a mask in the game in the second half but by rival a mask for pereira's fighting spirit, the international milan coach full of praise: "pereira is a fighter, he accepted a surgical small operation, but he is still in the fight, he represents the international milan fighting spirit, very good." Victory over the hero's pull JiYa after the game said, "it feels good, just a little tired, now we consider is weekend with roma game. I didn't think it would use goals to solve a game, but can be in May, check goals I am happy, this is a great game." International milan [micro bo] in the coppa italia 4/1 finals 3-2 win over bologna promotion semi-final, single see score may be slightly ordinary, but seen after
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