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In the big city

Posted Dec 21 2011 12:43am
One of my friend, she is one charming woman who are as beautiful as pandora, married one rich man seven years ago, but now she told me that she is facing a divorce with her husband. It was put forward by her husband, he know that she married him for money, and the reason he married her was her beauty, now her beauty has faded away with time going by, he thought his investment was depreciating and want to end this marriage with divorce. But he promised her that she can take all of the pandora jewelry he had sent her. Of course, she did want to divorce, in fact, there is nothing can connect them together but money, she felt nothing to her husband at the first time, so is now, however his money can help her keep comfortable and luxury life: credit cards with thousands cash, fashion pandora bracelets, famous sports cars, this has become one necessary, indispensable part of her life, she had get used to it, now she was informed that she just uses this stuff temporally, she had never owned them. She completely did not want this divorce, not only because reason above, she did not want to sleep alone. The pandora charms can fulfill her vanity, but can not fulfill the empty hole in her heart. She said: maybe you think that I mammon’s, but in this big city, who do not want own her own property, house, decent life, is it wrong, I just want comfortable life." it turns out that the man just the housing estates, one payer for pandora necklace. It is true that, in this big city, we are all so small, a drop out of ocean. In this big city, love, marriage, man, and woman are just the one part of investment. Man invests woman's beautify, woman invest the wealth belonging to the man, they both have demand. Man are vain, beautiful woman can fulfill his vanity, so was woman, man's money can satisfied the need of decorating appearance, sumptuous house, famous cars, pandora earrings. The feeling can be transfer, marriage froze at any time, the passion can be overdrawn, and the love can be priced. Yes, this is our life. In this big city, in the life of our small people, we are investing, choosing, and at the same time, we are invested, chose, this is life.
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