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Impetigo and Cold Sores from Die Off

Posted Feb 07 2010 11:32am

So I'm pleased to report that my spots have reduced dramatically, however I'm now suffering from impetigo on my face - specifically a crack down the side of my nose that is SO sore and crusty.  I've also got cold sores that have spread across my top lip overnight.

Die off has a lot to answer for.

I went to the doctors today and got some antibiotic cream for my nose and some zovirax tablets for my face.  800mg five times a day should get rid of these cold sores super quick - well here's hoping!  It was £65 for a private appointment, but I would have paid five times that to get my face sorted!

I just can't imagine being out on the slopes in sub zero temperatures this Thursday with my sore face exposed to the elements.  I'm hoping that the universe has mercy on me and my face clears up quickly.  As well as being a little bit vain (as most girls are), I'm also in a client facing role and need to feel confident.  I feel anything but, with cream slathered all over my face and bits that start weeping every now and then.



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