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if my toddler has skeeter syndrome will he be more likely to be allergic to insect stings?

Posted by sickofskeeters

My 2 yr old son has bee to the dr and the er at least 10 times for insect bites. When he gets bit he starts with a big red bump them some of them blister and seep a clear liquid somethimes within an hr of the bite. we have been told by different drs anything from, "this happens w/ some kids" "it could be a spider bite", it is cellulites or impintigo......and I have had 2 nurses tell me he should see an allergist and get an eppi pen..... so idk what to do it has gone from the nasty wounds to mild swelling to his entire arm or leg sweeling 2 or 3 times the normal size! so I worry about what would happen if he gets stung by a bee or something.... or if this will get worse
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