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if I had chosen to d rose 3.5 for sale continue a Rose

Posted Oct 16 2012 7:10am
Her soul gradually left the body, "No, no, no, Baisha I killed you, I, me, it was my fault, if I had chosen to d rose 3.5 for sale continue a Rose, perhaps dead, it is not you but to me, all because of my sky, heaven, you will be fined to fine me, why hurt an innocent person? "This is black Qi heartfelt crying she may be too sad, it could be do not accept the result, did not dare to accept the outcome. Baisha's soul has been away from the best, slowly, she turned back into a rose, a white rose.Black Qi, with a heavy heart, holding a white rose, and came to the world's highest valley - cliffs Valley.Black Qi containing tears eyes looked Baisha: "Baisha, my good friend, we have to, this is the cliffs Valley, you still Rose told me, you like the place is here, and now we can stay, I also came in their lives on the road, you have a companion ... "

Then the black Qi holding Baisha jumped out of the abyss the cliffs Valley, and jump off when the black Qi did not cry, nor afraid, perhaps cried enough, and my heart has no tears, perhaps her sad not to express with tears, she did not want to let everyone know that she just wanted to stay in the heart themselves to endure .Their soul up derrick rose 2.5 for sale to the blue sky, into two white clouds, one black, one white, like two roses, they are no matter blown there, all together, who do not know their story ... during winter break Yao always seen flowers in the garden, because the teacher did not explicitly say what class, only said: "flowers, is a new beginning."Spring seems very far away .Finally one day, the tree peach flower package finally a little bit open, Yao said: "There is a bitter, in the sugar slowly, in the end, the kind of pain will disappear without a trace, that kinds of bitter is - she gently plucked a peach, waiting for tomorrow morning, when the sun rises, back bags, thinking about returning to campus and ran .
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