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if he had no cheap nike air max 2012 knowledge then he possible only on a desert island died.Robinson with his own hands

Posted Dec 05 2012 1:45am
 if he had no   cheap nike air max 2012   knowledge, then he possible only on a desert island died.Robinson with his own hands in the wilderness tents, dug caves, hit the fence, and build a safe and sturdy "castle" for themselves, against cannibals infringement. With livehave to eat. Although many food shipped down from the ship, but is really limited, if not self-reliance, it will rest on its laurels. nike air max 1 cheap So Robinson began to grow their own crops, captive livestock. Changeable weather on a desert island, Robinson on a desert island, the first year, fell ill, very ill, and all day long groggy. He applied this instance, Brazilians no matter what disease do not take medicine and eat tobacco successfully saved his life.Read "Robinson Crusoe", nike air max ltd cheap   I am human wisdom is infinite. With wisdom and labor, living on a desert island for twenty-eight years is nothing difficult.Robinson Crusoe," an amazing huge book of human wisdom and hard work, people marvel at the beauty of life."Robinson Crusoe," Daniel Defoe in his later years, the father of European fiction era creation of a novel. He shaped Robinson is representative of an emerging bourgeoisie, an idealized hero. He not only gives Robinson all the excellent quality of humanity, like a brave, strong, wisdom and labor of love, and he has an "ideal" due to the enterprising spirit of those assets, and religious beliefs and strict. Of fictional scenarios with realistic details of the Co-op write people as immersive, the story has a strong realism. cheap air max 90 After having read the novel, I not only much praise on the author's unique writing style and imagination, the bumpy experience showed more character Robinson fortitude, indomitable products Geqin Pei extreme. I deeply appreciate, Robinson has such a variety of experiences, and his hard-working spirit and strength of character are inseparable. And I is the lack of this spirit and character. I have long been accustomed to the parents for me to create favorable conditions. Like hothouse flowers, do not experience wind and rain, not loved life sharpen, simply can not appreciate the happy life did not come easily. The status quo all day, making progress, it will only cheap nike air max 95 talk about the ideal, the lack of a serious and solid spirit of struggle.
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