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Ice Pop Sore Throat Relief

Posted Oct 13 2008 9:47am

When it comes to a sore throat, try an ice pop! 

I always try to use non-medicinal remedies for relief before resorting to medications or over-the-counter drugs, just in case it’s just a passing allergy symptom or something. Interestingly enough, I’ve always liked ice pops when I got a sore throat- my Mom used to give them to me when I was a kid. She really must have been on to something because it seems that the cooling aspect of the ice pop makes your throat less scratchy all the while bringing down any swelling that may occur from the irritation.

Recently, I was really excited when I found a product on one of my grocery shopping trips called Throat Cooler, which contains honey and Vitamin C. When you come to think about it aren't those two ingredients people always tell you to put in tea, honey and lemon?! I also liked the fact that Throat Cooler ice pops didn't contain a lot of sugar since I frequently buy "no sugar added" ice pops.

I have two kids, a 5 year old and an 8 year old, who tend to get bad sore, scratchy throats around the fall and spring seasons just like I do. Needless to say, I have been passing on my Mom's remedy to them ever since they began needing relief. But now I will surely be revising it in a healthier way by keeping my freezer stocked with Throat Cooler ice pops during this upcoming fall allergy season.

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