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I've had a cough for over 3 years, my doctor says its chronic bronchitis, Is it?

Posted by pedo02

I don't remember if I had a cold and it went away but the cough remained. It seems as though I started coughing and instead it getting better and going away, I've had it for three years not. The only thing I can do to stop this persistent cough is to keep the house cold. That seems to down the coughing and also taking over the counter drugs. But I have to be careful because I have high blood pressure and other ailments. I've been diagnoised with three things, asthma, chronic cough due to gerd, and allergies. So which is it, somebody please help. Could it also be my thyroid acting up?
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You might want to see an immunologist, its sounds like there may be underlying immune systems issues which can affect any area of the health but can commonly cause allergies etc. Also look at your diet are you eating enough fresh fruit and veg?

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