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I take it back!

Posted Mar 13 2009 9:00am

Remember when I was bragging about how great it is to make my own bread and how I’m getting a great ab workout??? Well, shame on me! Making bread every once in a while is great but trying to make it for my family as our only source of bread = CRAZY!!!!


Pre-made bread is so easy and making all my own bread, while tasty, is ridiculous! I can’t possibly keep this up. By the time the bread rises twice, I bake it and then it cools for 2 hours my whole day is gone and I’ve been shackled to the kitchen. 


I love to bake and I love making my family wholesome bread but there is a reason people say, “The best thing since sliced bread.” It’s because making homemade bread all the time takes up all my time! 


So, while I will continue to make my own bread...on Sundays...when I can, I have found an alternative. I had heard that Nature’s Own Bread (100% Whole Wheat) was manufactured in nut free bakeries sans high fructose corn syrup. I contacted them by phone and they said it was made in a nut free facility however they would pass on my concerns to their tech people because food allergies are serious and they don’t want anyone to get sick. They wanted to double check?!?! (They had me at “Hello”! )


Here is the email I received today (minus personal info).


February 17, 2009


Control ID: xxxxx

Action ID: xxxxx


Krista Axxxxx


xxxxxxxx, FL


Dear Krista:


Thank you for contacting us.   We have assigned a control number, xxxxx, to

your contact for reference should you need to contact us in the future

regarding this matter.


The bakeries that produce our Nature's Own Breads do not use peanut or tree

nut ingredients.


Thank you for your interest in our products.


Charlie Mxxx

V P  Technical Services/Quality Assurance/Regulatory

Flowers Foods



*Ingredient formulas and production plants can change. Although this bread appears safe for nut allergies today, that could change tomorrow. If you would like to contact Nature’s Own, below is the customer service information to do so:


“You may call our Consumer Relations Center toll-free at 1.866.245.8921. Our consumer relations specialists are on staff from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern, Monday through Friday. If you call outside these hours, you may leave a message and a consumer relations specialist will return your call.”

Or to contact them via email click here.




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