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I suggest you arrange your daily life

Posted Apr 02 2013 1:17am

 Now they seem to have taken note of this issue and are looking for ways to remedy. Because if the ArenaNet good day-to-day system, the start time of the reward system is a mysterious gold coins, we will see the day-to-day tasks of Guild Wars 2 some of the more beautiful.
If ArenaNet success so full level Guild Wars 2 players to play 20, which is perhaps the MMO watershed, because finally overcome the vertical extension for content designers. Plus a brand new day-to-day system, if successful, allow players in Tyria back and forth, then I can imagine the game makes some excellent map system again shining. We are all waiting for the arrival of frost and flame updated, I suggest you arrange your daily life, which can greatly improve efficiency.
According to the developer, the dynamic event must have three components: trigger conditions, changes in the face of the Guild Wars 2 Gold, the results. This trigger condition, for example, the player carrying certain items trigger can also be triggered when players into an area. Unlike other games, the player's behavior is determined by the task, these tasks are also into the law and can be unpredictable. Guild Wars 2 to bring players suddenly and uncertainty. For example, when a player with an NPC dialogue, suddenly trigger an event, this event also affect other people in the area within. Developers provide us with an example, when a player near the two ogres, ogres help to the players want players to get rid of the ogre village living Harpies Eagle body banshee is destroying the water sources of the village.
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