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I seem to react w/ almost everything I eat. No carbs, sugar,red meat,dairy etc. Eyes swell, lips and tongue. For a yr, all tests

Posted by gena

VERY frustrated. Ltd menu, I can now only eat chicken, salmon and lettuce. Some vegies- no starch ones like corn,peas, potatoes. Have a reaction that occurs anywhere from 2 mins to 3 days. Have had ++ blood work- only shows anemia- as I can't eat red meat, or anything else hardly. Yeast causes quick and bad rx. Sugar too. Can't drink/eat dairy either. Could enzyme deficiency cause this? Seen 7-9 Dr.s and been told it's all in my head! Treated like a fool. Am educated and work in health care, so know I am not nuts. Would natuopath help? Need somewhere to turn. Am always hungry, even after I eat. Would love to dig in and eat a filling meal. Help please!
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