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I'm allergic to corn! What ingredients are corn in disguise (modified food starch)? Is there any help for food allergies?

Posted by mirhardy

I'm allergic to corn!  I have been to doctors and specialists to treat this rash all over my face that spreads to my neck.  After no relief (and worse symptoms from the cures), I started trying foods.  I thought it was red or brown coloring, but it turned out to be corn. I have demonstrated this again and again, but corn did not show up on my allergy test results.  Why?

As the Food Detective noted:  it's in everything.  I obviously avoid anything with the word "corn," but what ingredients are corn in disguise?

I take Allegra D twice daily along with nasal sprays and eye drops for my seasonal allergies.  I can't take Zyrtec (knocks me out) Are there any drugs that can help people like me?

Most importantly, are there any treatments to desensitize my reaction?  I am taking allergy shots for seasonal and environmental allergies, but there was no mention of my food allergies being addressed.  My doctor is a little old-school.

 THANK YOU!  I'm so tired of being sent home with a shoulder shrug.

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