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I love to new balance 999 sale lean on the balcony next to and looked up

Posted Nov 24 2012 2:16am
 Youth Commemorative ", perhaps tears to be pouring out, but it is a form of release, unyielding tears, I believe that tomorrow is not mediocre! Sometimes, they pull a number on the net, post your own topic on the forum, QQ, and big fast friends to reveal their psychological words, put down a sigh of relief, finally has rediscovered self confidently tell yourself : "Tomorrow will be better!"After every dinner, I love to new balance 999 sale lean on the balcony next to and looked up at the night sky just coming, if a blank mind, against the wind, let my mind yourself of vanity gone with the wind ... no matter what kinds of weather, what kind of state of mind, as long as there leaning on 3,5 minutes, probably can eliminate the day's fatigue.

I was the so-called "no suitable vulgar rhyme, the nature of this love natural person, had this fantasy was admitted to the Hermitage Forest Clean living, but this is unrealistic. Moreover, I live in this world, "Jie Lu in the human environment" after all, can not be separated from the atmosphere of the earth, though, I can not open with this social practice, there is no sense of drift, open personality, no talking new balance 996 sale mouth No beautiful Lianpan ... all, I lost a lot of things I should be able to have, my parents always said, "the people in the arena, involuntarily" is not enough to rely on the internal appearance of fur in Today's society has become increasingly important. You have to change to change, in fact, my own then why have not tried it? However, I do not really have someone else had this has to last forever, "said bold, not to Monkey King.
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