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I have nasal polyps, and seeking a homeopathic solution. I've also begun BAX 3000 and chiroractic but feel it won't be enough

Posted by brenda

I can breathe ocasionally from one side of my nose. I eat very healthy avoid all proccessed, packaged, fast food and sugar. I've tried nettle, fennugreek, Vit C, E, take enzymes, NAC and a probiotic, nothing helps !

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Hello, I have nasal polyps as well.  Did BAX 3000 help you?

My chiropractor tells me it may take weeks to hit the right thing I am allergic to. It is a process that takes multiple sessions, not a quick fix.  But the succes rate of BAX is 98%. His success so far has been 100%. He says we will hit the right thing and they will break loose, he'd seen it once before. Until then I can't really breathe, I'm seeing him twice a week, so far we have hit many food stuffs that people are allergic to I'm looking forward to when we get to air borne allergens, and having mine break loose. My alternative is what ? more prednisone ? I don't like that stuff and the very neg side effects .

I'll have to write back once mine break loose ! I will be over joyed on that day :)

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