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I have had a sore throat, ear pain, loosing my voice, cough, persistent scratching in my throat for almost 3 years. Help

Posted by lsanford

I have had a sore throat, ear pain, losing my voice, cough, persistent scratching in my throat for almost 3 years.  Family doctor has been treating for allergies.  I am tkaing Flonase, Nasocort, Zyrtec, and Singulair.  I feel awful.  At first the medications helped, but do little good now.  I have been to ENT - they found nothing. 

I can't sleep without being awakened every couple of hours with a coughing attack that gets to the point where I throw up.  I can't drink anything that is not carbonated or warm.  I can't use the ladies room at work due to the air freshner, and some of the perfumes at work get me started coughing to the point where I have to step outside.  I am constantly eating cough drops and drinking coke.  With that I can keep the coughing attackes down, but still feel crappy.  Plus without decent sleep I am always tired.  I am having a hard time doing my job, and have lost a LOT of energy.  Definetly can't hold any long conversations.


Just this week the doctor ordered blood testing for allergies.  Is there ANYTHING I can do to help myself.  It is getting harder and harder to work.


Thank you

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You most likely have acid reflux occurring at night. This irritates your voice box, which is where the cough reflex is located. Then during the day it takes little irritation to make you cough.

First, elevate the back of your bed 6 inches, then try to go to bed on an empty stomach and avoid caffiene, chocolate, fatty, spicy foods or onions,  citrus (ie tomato  sauce) or mint. 

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