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I have dozens of knots in every muscle group(trigger points) that cause extreme pain 24/7. Can they be caused by allergies to t

Posted by cogan

I DO have degenarative disc disease, having been born with three sets of vertabrae fused together, (2 sets in the cervical area).  I'm 55 years old now, & I have no discs left in my neck.  The bone-on-bone grinding of the vertabrae have caused them to become mishapen, pinching the nerves running down between them.

I know that the pinching is causing a lot of my pain, but I didn't really start getting the trigger points to the degree they are now until the last 3-4 years.  They have reduced the quality of my life significantly.

I would just like to know if there is ANY chance at all that allergies to the toxins in the food I eat, or just genenic reactions to things such as gluten could cause the knots to form more radically.

Thank you,

Jim Cogar


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