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I have a new allergy!!!

Posted by Angie R.

    I just developed an allergie to gourds. It's a severe allergy, my throat swells almost shut. I have seen the Allergist and she gave me a stern warning an a rx for epi pens. I am 35 and this is bran new to me. I have NEVER been allergic to anything. What is so strange is you just don't hear of this allergy. Even the doc said in 25 years i'm her 3 patient to have one. Does anybody out their know anything about this. I realy can't eat many of my favorite veggies any more.Pumpkin,squash,eggplant,cuccumbers, watermelon,cantalope,honeydue and now it seems tomatoes are giving me trouble. Also if you have heard of this is there anything else i should avoid. It sucks finding out the hard way. The doc doesn't carry any info because of the rarity. Thanx for any info    Angie


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