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I feel better but can't remember stuff...

Posted Oct 23 2008 7:10am

Hubby made me laugh yesterday when he told me to "eat some wheat"...At age 55 I seem to have poor short term memory and say some real dumb things ... I am getting used to it, but it can be when I said something wacky (I can't remember what it was because like I said my short term memory is not working at times) hubby laughed and told me to "eat some wheat"...we laughed because he was joking about the reality that although I feel better without gluten, maybe it helped my memory when I did eat it. He followed with something like you "were smarter when you were eating wheat"...well, we know there is no correlation, but it made me laugh like when I tell him, a type II diabetic, to "eat a donut"...we have a weird sense of humor as a couple. but it lightens our load and we can never have too much of that...don't be uptight, keep it light!

I made more gf cf ef pancakes but this time I dropped in some chopped walnuts...ooh so good! Yes, it says to add an egg but I didn't and they were fine.

I jumped on my mini exercising trampoline yesterday since the weather is not cooperating for bike riding and hubby breezed in while I was jumping...oh what a fun time we have as a couple...36 years and it gets better all the time...glad we hung in there when it wasn't as light and fun...some things are worth the wait! HUGS
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