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I am getting over a cold(coughing, stuffy nose, sore thoat, achey body), I noticed earlier that the back of my tounge is sore li

Posted by rensal81

I got sick on Monday, in the early part of the day I had a migraine, then I took some Midrin & the migraine went away, but later that evening I was very congested & sneezing alot. The next two days I was very congested, had a sore throat, cough, nausea & diahreah & aches all over. I didn't have a fever. Today(the 4th day of having this cold) I started to feel better, I still have the congestion & cough, but the sore throat went away as did the body aches and stomach issues. About 2 hrs ago the back right side of my tounge is sore like I bit it & I've been feeling nauseous & have had more diahreah.
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