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How to Test Fiber Optical Media Converters

Posted Nov 07 2012 3:54am

How to test media converters? Sopto as one of the biggest manufactuer for fiber media converter s. Now, please follow the below steps to test our fiber optical media converters.
1. Preparation
1. 1 Samples
Prepare two sets of media converter for testing.
Media converters: One set of 100M Base-FX SM Ethernet and 10/100Base-TX full duplex/ half duplex auto negotiation Ethernet ports, fiber wavelength is 1310nm or two sets of bi-direction media converters, the working wavelength is 1310nm/1550nm.
1. 2 Testing equipment
One set of Smart bits 2000IP protocol analyser <app:ds:analyser>, testing software is SmartApplications and SmartWindow
One set of power meter; One pc fiber attenuator; two sets of fiber patch cords, 100ohm unshielded sprained pair cabe or 150Ohm safeguarded twist pair cable
2. Testing theory
YD/T 973-1998 SDH 155Mb/s and 622Mb/s fiber transceiver and fiber receiver technology
IETF RFC 2544 Benchmarking Technique for Network Interconnect Devices IETF RFC 2889 Benchmarking Technique for LAN Switching Devices
3. Testing items, requirements and measures
3. 1 Physical performance
3. 1. 1 Program
Requirements:: 10Base-T, 100Base-TX/FX and 1000Base-SX/LX etc., 10Base-T, 100Base-TX can
support auto negotiation ports. The program mode is half duplex and full duplex
Testing measures: Connecting the relative program, and then check the light of the program and links status.
3. 1. 2 Front Panel indicator
Testing measures: Inspect and verify the working status of indicator by connecting the relative ports and transferring data.
3. 1. 3 Output Power
Under normal working condition, the transmitting optical power ranges as below:
MM: 2Km, 850nm: -17~-20dBm MM: 5Km, 1310nm: -8~-14dBm
SM: 25Km, 1310nm: -12~-15dBm; SM: 50Km, 1310nm: -8~-12dBm;
80Km, 1550nm: -3~-5dBm
Awareness range as below:
MM: 2Km, 850nm: <-31dBm;MM: 5Km, 1310nm: <-31dBm; SM: 25Km, 1310nm: <-38dBm;
SM: 50Km, 1310nm: <-38dBm; SM: 80Km, 1550nm: <-38dBm
Fiber loss range as below:
MM: 2Km, 850nm: 3dBm/Km; MM: 5Km, 1310nm: 2dBm/Km; SM: 25Km, 1310nm: 0. 4dBm/Km; SM: 50Km, 1310nm: 0. 4dBm/Km;SM: 80Km, 1550nm: 0. 25dBm/Km
Testing measure: Connecting the relative program and transferring data and testing the out put power by using power meter.

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